Delusions of Grandeur August 2016

Notes, and Errata.

For the first time in a while, I have a tangible separation between work and home. This separation has allowed me to re-evaluate life outside of work and reflect. Probably seems silly to put so much thought into the purchase of a computer, but I found it symbolic of the ongoing change. The process helped me talk about very personal things in the abstract.

While running MartianCraft, my writing was often mired by the desire to speak universal truths. Every blog post, speaking engagement, and podcast was an opportunity to sell “expertise”. Now I get to describe the world as I see it, without an agenda; Personal, and honest1.

Moving to the Bay Area took me away from many close friends. I missed having conversations with them, and thought writing smaller pieces could spark discussion. Twitter and Slack struggle to fill the void. (because time zones that’s why2)

Moments after I published Starting Fresh, I was in multiple conversations with good friends over Twitter, Email, and iMessage. Perfect.

At the end of each week I plan to summarize the resulting conversations. Below are some of this week’s highlights:

  1. So I’m not concerned if the 11” MacBook Air isn’t perfect for you. The point is that it’s perfect for me. And I hope you find your ideal Mac by questioning how you’ll use it, instead of settling for what you think you need.

  2. I’ve been reading a lot of Junie B. Jones to my boys. Every once in a while, my writing benefits from sass that only a six year old can provide.