Delusions of Grandeur August 2016


I started regular posts three weeks ago with an earnest desire to improve. My goal was to write something every day. This week was a doozy—first day of school, my in-laws were in town, and work was particularly hectic. That was enough to distract me from writing, before I found out a dear friend lost his wife in a tragic accident1.

I wrote a post this week that wasn’t published. I didn’t write it for you—it was for Daniel. Three weeks I have written every day to improve my prose. I needed them all to find the right words for him.

There is a third post about my personal style sitting in pieces on my machine. I’ll get to it eventually. A post about mechanical watches, and plaid shirts could not make sense of this senseless week. Next week I’ll return to photography. About capturing beautiful moments, which—recent events reminded me—are fleeting, and should be cherished.

On a positive note, I did receive a lot of encouragement about the clothing posts. It’s a reach to go from computers and photography, then to clothes. This week was about finding what works for you, which is a thread2 I found in common with everything I’ve written thus far.

One tiny bit of errata: my post on the basics of personal style contains nine footnotes. I think that’s a personal record for a single post. Not quite Jules Verne levels, but I aspire.

Finally, I promised to post my favorite photo from last weekend’s adventure. We stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge, then drove to Muir Woods and hiked the short trail. Normally I would’ve taken 800 photos, but last weekend I only took 60—twelve less than I allowed myself for the entire trip.

Even though Ben is nothing but excuses, I’m a man of my word:

"Cathedral Grove"

Cathedral Grove. Muir Woods National Monument, CA

  1. Take care when reading the link. Daniel is an exceptional writer. If his words don’t rip out your insides, then you’re not wired right.

  2. I couldn’t help myself.