Delusions of Grandeur September 2016

Playlist: The World Needs You

Batten down the hatches, and hide your liquor. Please keep your hands and feet inside of the vehicle at all times. Shit is about to get epic.

How epic, you ask? A double album of epic.

Truth be told, I couldn’t help myself. I collected the albums that I wanted to include and picked my favorite track—sometimes a second—from each. It was too much1. I cut and I cut, but still was left with two and half hours of music. So, I split it into two sides: (1) Side A, and (2) Side B.

As requested, I’ve built a playlist2 that is liquid productivity. Guaranteed to help you hit your deadline, or your money back.

Side A is caffeine for your brain. My formula was simple, I chose the opening tracks from some of my favorite soundtracks3. Openings to movies, television shows, or games exist to grab your attention and throw you into the action. Perfect for getting in the zone.

Side B is built to keep you in the zone. A force that sustains your elevated blood pressure and sense of urgency. Every one of these tracks are action sequences, most of them are from memorable or signature scenes. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the hero’s witty one-liners. For example, Tom Cruise in Oblivion4 saying “Fuck you, Sally” or Captain Spock in Wrath of Khan5, “Sauce for the goose, Lieutenant. The odds will be even.”

Don’t worry, the end of Side B will bring you back down. Working from home, I found it tough to transition from work in the short walk out of my basement. The second-to-last track Back to the Earth is silly, almost non-sensical poetry, but the vocals break out of a playlist otherwise devoid of lyrics. The final track What Are You Going to Do When You’re Not Saving the World? is one of my favorite refreshment tracks. It’s a shame it wasn’t made for a better movie.

Here’s a few liner notes:

Subscribe to the playlists here: Side A, and Side B. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Now go, and write code9 like the world depends on it.


Neil Inglis—friend, reader and fellow soundtrack enthusiast—has kindly posted both playlists to Spotify, for those of you who prefer it to Apple Music. Subscribe to them here: Side A, and Side B.

Thanks Neil.

  1. And I do mean too much. Curating this playlist robbed me of a week’s night sleep. It’s really hard to listen to this music right before bed, which happens to be when I do most of my writing. The sacrifices I make for you, my tens of readers.

  2. I did give the name a bit of a tweak, so you can read it in the iTunes sidebar. I’m altering the deal, pray I don’t alter it any further.

  3. With the exceptions of tracks #5, 9, 18-20.

  4. Track 15, Fearful Odds from the Oblivion original score. 2013.

  5. Track 7, Battle in the Mutara Nebula from the Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan original score.

  6. Track 10 from 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, 2016.

  7. Track 21 from Terminator: Genisys score, 2015.

  8. Most composers sketch on a piano or the computer. Not McCreary, he composes on a goddamn accordion. Here’s the original track he’s playing in the video.

  9. Or whatever it is you do for a living.